What is IoT?

The term Internet of Things is used to describe a process by which measurements and other data from physical objects are collected remotely and transmitted via the Internet to receiving equipment for monitoring. The Internet of Things will transform our lives in the next 10–20 years. The technological developments within the last 15 years have been about making it easier for companies and people to exchange information (Google, Skype, Dropbox, etc). –The next 15 years will be about making it possible for the physical, non-connected world to send data to the internet. Thanks to Sigfox’s unique connectivity solution, we can give life to the physical world in an extremely low-cost, low-energy, environmentally friendly, and safe way.

What is so special about IoT?

An important thing to remember about IoT is that the number of things in the Internet of Things will eclipse all other product volumes within the IT industry, even smartphones. Imagine an IoT connected home. This would include everything from monitored home alarms and water meters to refrigerators sending you a message about what groceries you need to buy. Take this idea even farther, an idea called “Smart Cities” with street lightning that turns on when you are approaching, waste bins that let the garbage collectors know when they need emptying, and automated monitoring of street signs and traffic lights.

But to connect everything requires reasonable connectivity and adequate bandwith.

With the help of Sigfox’s LPWA technology, IoT Sweden can offer you low-cost connectivity, smart IoT solutions, and access to a global IoT network.

What if high costs & battery life were no longer barriers for connectivity to the physical world?

Imagine a world…

Where everyday inexpensive items can transmit practical information like installation date, usage hours or temperature fluctuations.

Where re-charging or replacing batteries are no longer needed because sensors and data transmission are autonomous and self-powered.

Where only one contract and one cloud platform enables to manage the data of a worldwide objects fleet.

Where universal low power connectivity can be combined with high bandwidth solutions to improve existing applications and to enable endless possibilities.