Our Services

Apart from building and operating a nationwide network for the Internet of Things, we also offer our consultancy services to help you find IoT-solutions suitable for your business needs.

We will do a quick analysis to see how the IoT technology could benefit your business.
  • What technology you could use.
  • How you can develop your business through this technology.
  • How you can integrate this technology in your business.


If you decide to move forward from there, we will assist you with:
  • proof of concept and setting up a pilot project to test and evaluate needs and solutions,
  • suggestions and business design of national and global solutions,
  • High Level Design for customer specific sensors and prototype processes.

We offer you the opportunity to test the IoT communication in the already existing net. But we can also build a test net for your IoT needs, where you can evaluate your solutions with practical tests.

We also offer training for our partners. For more information, click on IoT SWEDEN Academy.

Some of the questions we’re getting:

I need a level sensor for hazardous chemicals, do you have that?

Yes. We currently have hundreds of sensors for different purposes, from measuring the level of waste in dustbins to monitoring defibrillators in public places. Click on the Ecosystem and search for a solution that could fit your business needs, or send us a request using the contact form and we will do our best to assist you.

I need to do practical tests immediately on a bigger scale. Is there a net for IoT units already?

Yes, some parts of Sweden are already in operation. However, if there isn’t any coverage where you are, we will build a temporary net for you within a couple of weeks.

If we optimize our driving distances we will lower our operation costs with 50% as well as the emission from our cars. Is there a ready solution for this and something we could integrate in our existing systems?

Yes, we have complete end-to-end solutions ready for delivery, from sensors to web interfaces or APIs for integration into your existing systems.

Do you have secure communication for my units?

Yes, we do. We have solutions that meet the highest level of security classification. Our applications and technology are already here, ready to be used. You can find different applications here.